I read in the news yesterday that a 2 year old boy survived on his own for 10 days after his mother was murdered in their apartment.

Let me repeat that… For 10 days, this sweet boy lived in an apartment alongside his dead mother.  The full story is here.

For some reason, this hit close to home.  Perhaps because you don’t generally see this sort of story frequently (Thank God), but also because this boy is the same age as my son.

I wrote a Post talking about how independent he is becoming and truthfully, part of me was grieving that independence, but part of me was also rejoicing.  Wiggleman was and is learning to do things on his own.  How independent did this little boy have to be to survive alone for 10 days?

My heart broke for this little boy and his mother.  While I’m sure she wasn’t winning any mother of the year awards anytime soon, but she also didn’t choose to abandon her son.  What scares me more, is that no one in their community bothered to check on the little boy after even a few days.  No one wanted to be a pest and interfere in this woman’s business or life.  If it hadn’t been for the routine check from the maintence man, how long would this boy have gone it alone?  Maybe until the smell really started to get bad? Jeez.

We keep hearing the term ‘it takes a village’ and yet most of us are unwilling to be that village.  Circumstance saved that little boy, when it should have been a neighbor or friend.   Sometimes it means we have to poke our noses into other peoples lives, especially when we know they are vulnerable…not because we want to gossip or be annoying, but because we need to become that village for that person.

As I said, my heart broke and I hugged my boy a bit harder.