I’m gonna call it like I see it folks…but there are too many shallow, lazy ass parents out there.

Part of being a parent is holding your child accountable for their actions and behavior. Far too often I see a child act out and the parents make up some excuse, let their child off the hook and shove a screen or toy in front of them. Sorry, last time I checked, when you stepped onto the parenthood roller coaster, you signed up for the WHOLE DAMN RIDE.


Far too often, parents are afraid of the push back they may receive from their kid. The push back usually comes in the form of a tantrum, an escalation of out of control behavior, hitting or kicking, talking back, arguing or emotional manipulation. And usually, I see the parent(s) bend to the push back, the kid gets what they want and learn in turn, they can do it again.

When you don’t have hold your child responsible for their actions the behavior is going to continue. So grow a big set of parenting balls and set some expectations.

So what if your kid doesn’t have the newest ______________ . Ya, they may whine, cry or whatever because Billy Jean has ______________. Last time I checked, if you bitched and whined at your job about not having what John in Payroll has you’d probably be fired. The same goes for parenting.

Set consequences for both good and bad behavior. Be ready to deal with the push back and don’t give in. Raise your kids to be heathy moral adults that you actually want to hang out with when they’re 25.

So make the damn chore chart, change the wifi password, have dinner at the table and when your kid acts out, call them on it.

The best piece of parenting advice I’ve gotten is ‘Raising a child is like a game of chess, you have to out wit and out maneuver your opponent every step of the way.’┬áStart out witting and out maneuver-ing your kids and stop with the shallow parenting.