There are a few moments I can identify that have made me realize just how fast time is going.  They have caused me to tear up and beg the world to stop spinnging so I can savour them.

It was little things, for example, Wiggleman discovering the toilet paper roll.  It meant that he had army crawled to the bathroom and had pulled himself to stand to grab the roll.  He was so proud of himself.  Another time was getting a Kleenex all by himself off the kitchen table – he had to walk to the chair, climb up onto it and then get the Kleenex.  Where had the time gone?  Wasn’t he just a newborn?

I had a few of those moments this week.  We have graduated to a big boy bed, but usually around 2 or 3 in the morning we still get ‘I have to pee!’.  The other night, my boy got up by himself and had a pee and went back to bed.  Most parents would be singing ‘Hallelujah!’, I teared up.  My boy did something that he doesn’t need me for.  The next morning, he went to the bathroom all by himself, but then also took off his Pull-Up and disposed of it in the Diaper Genie.  Again, without help from Mommy.  Lastly, yesterday, while I was nursing Muffin, he said he needed a drink – I asked him to go get himself a juice (we have juice boxes available in the fridge).  Instead of hearing the fridge open, I heard him get his stool.  “Ok odd” I thought to myself.  Then I heard the fridge open, a pause, then the unmistakeable sound of juice being poured.  He’d gotten his stool to get a cup off the counter.

I sighed…I was going to have a mess to clean up.  Next, my big boy proudly came back into the family room holding a cup, with juice – just the right amount of juice -in it.  ‘I didn’t spill Mommy!’  I finished feeding Muffin and put her down and went to check the kitchen.  Not. A. Drop.  I literally burst into sobs.  My almost 3 year old managed to have the coordination to pour juice from a container into a cup and not spill.

The same goes for my girl.  It’s been two months that she has been in this world already.  She is smiling more and chatting.  She has grown 2.5 inches in those two months and packed on 4 pounds. She is starting to bat at objects and certainly voice her opinion.  I’ve started to pack away her newborn clothes, the same clothes that were hanging off her two short months ago.

You get so much unsolicited advice as a parent, but the one that I am really starting to appreciate is to savour every moment because it goes so fast.  In a blink, my baby girl will be doing the same as her brother and a part of me can’t wait for that. I want to newborn stage to be done with and the next stage to be started.   However, I’m going to heed that advice and savour every moment I have with both my babies.